Workers' participation and co-determination rights

How is workers participation and co-determination rights practiced in the Norwegian working life? And how do social partners assess this practice? These are central questions in this project undertaken on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2021:10
Sissel C. Trygstad, Kristin Alsos, Rolf K. Andersen, Mona Bråten, Inger Marie Hagen og Ragnhild Steen Jensen

Fafo-notat 2021:07
Inger Marie Hagen og Elin Svarstad
Fortsatt nedgang i bruk av ordningen?

Fafo-notat 2021:09
Rolf K. Andersen og Sissel C. Trygstad

Fafo-notat 2019:23
Sissel C. Trygstad, Kristin Alsos, Mona Bråten og Inger Marie Hagen
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Project management

Sissel C. Trygstad

Project period

January 2019
April 2021