Current projects

Labour immigration from third countries

The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI) wants an analysis of how arrangements can be made for Norway to attract qualified labor from third countries (countries outside EU/EEA). To map experiences, both from Norwegian employers and employees (immigrants) there will be conducted surveys. One of the questions that the UDI wants to be answered is whether there is a need for changes in the regulations for this group of immigrants. The project will be conducted in collaboration with Agenda Kaupang.

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2021:05
Cecilie Aagestad, Kristin Brænden og Ester Bøckmann
– kunnskapsoppsummering

Project management

Anne Mette Ødegård

Cooperating researchers

Per Trygve Hoff, Agenda Kaupang

Commissioned by

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Project period

August 2020
December 2021