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Balder Blinkenberg

Research assistant

Current projects

Extending collective bargaining coverage - comparing European models
The project will provide an overview of various European countries' models for expanding collective bargaining coverage and minimum wage floors.
Right to disconnect
The overarching purpose of the project is to gather knowledge about the situation in the Norwegian working life regarding employees' right to disconnect.
Age-management CSP

Fafo will assist Centre for Senior Policy (CSP) in the development and implementation of a management program on senior policy. The goal is to increase the real retirement age

Completed projects

Investigation of the Consequences of Various Main Collective Agreements in the Government Sector

Since 2016, the government sector has had two identical main collective agreements. This project aims to illuminate the consequences of two different main collective agreements in the government sector's tariff area. Specifically, the assessments should relate to the relationship between central and local wage formation, consideration for minimum wage, low wages, and equal pay, the preservation of flexibility regarding changes and adjustments in the labour market, the ability to recruit and retain competent workforce, handling of the unorganized, and consideration for non-negotiability and equal treatment.