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  • Kristin Alsos, Johanne Stenseth Huseby and Anne Mette Ødegård

Labour Inspections’ strategies and tools used in enforcement of posting

Experiences from Nordic and Baltic states

  • Fafopaper 2023:12
  • Fafopaper 2023:12

The EU regulatory framework for posted work has a different impact in The Member States because it is applied in a variety of national industrial relations and collective bargaining systems. In this working paper, we look into the enforcement of regulations for posted work, bringing together experiences from the Nordic (except Sweden) and the Baltic states. Competences of the national labour inspectorates and cooperation with other authorities constitutes the basis for enforcement. Moreover, it is vital for the inspectorates to have contact and cooperate across borders. Enforcement related to posting of third-country nationals is also part of the picture.

  • Publisert: 31. oktober 2023
  • Ordrenr. 10390