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  • Åge A. Tiltnes

Falling Behind

A Brief on the Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

  • Fafo-report 464
  • Fafo-report 464

Fafo, in cooperation with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in Damascus and with economic support from the Government of Norway, carried out a living conditions survey of 4,000 households in Lebanon in 1999–2001. The subsequent Fafo report, Difficult Past, Uncertain Future, documented the situation of Palestinian refugees with respect to demography, health, education, employment, economic resources, and people’s social networks.

Summarizing and building on some of the key findings from Difficult Past, this report contrasts the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon with that of Palestinian refugees residing in Syria, Jordan, and the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and draws comparisons between the refugee and non-refugee populations of these countries and Lebanon.

  • Publisert: 4. februar 2005
  • Ordrenr. 464
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