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  • Fafo-report 549
  • Henriette Lunde

Night commuting in Gulu, Northern Uganda

From Spontaneous Strategy to New Social Institution

  • Fafo-report 549

Night commuting, as it is occuring in the parts of Northern Uganda today, is the social practice of thousands of children leaving their households at night to go and sleep in one of the many night commuter centres that are established in the urban areas of Gulu and Kitgum. The common conception about night commuting is that the children come to the centres solely out of fear of abduction. This report challenges this notion and investigates the additional factors that make children in Gulu spend their nights in the night commuter centres.

  • Publisert: 11. mars 2006
  • Ordrenr. 549
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    ISBN 82-7422-561-9ISSN 0801-6143
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