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  • Fafo-report 2013:42
  • Åge A. Tiltnes and Huafeng Zhang

Progress, challenges, diversity

Insights into the socio-economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan

  • Fafo-report 2013:42

Aiming to present data that will inform policies in relation to Jordan's Palestinian refugee population, this report analyses the living conditions of Palestinian refugees residing both outside and inside Palestinian refugee camps. The report contrasts the circumstances across camps and governorates, and examines how the living conditions of Palestinian refugees have evolved since the 1990s. After presenting key demographic features, the ensuing chapters each concentrate on one crucial aspect of living conditions: housing standards, health and health services, education and education services, employment, and household income and poverty.

  • Publisert: 13. mars 2013
  • Ordrenr. 20332
  • ISBN
    ISBN 978-82-324-0048-5 (paper edition)ISBN 978-82-324-0049-2 (web edition)ISSN 0801-6143




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