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The Smoking Business

Tobacco tenants in Malawi

  • Fafo-report 339
  • Fafo-report 339

The anti-smoking campaigns receive increasing attention all over the world, with legislation, awareness campaigns and court cases drawing attention to the health risks involved in smoking.

Yet, few are aware, or concerned, of the plight of those who farm the tobacco. At the same time, if anti-smoking campaigns succeed, the livelihood of millions of people who depend upon tobacco production will also collapse. In Malawi, these issues are more important than in many other countries. The tobacco sector is the major export sector and thereby the major income source for millions of people. Simultaneously, issues such as child labour and bonded labour remain issues of grave concern.

This report by Fafo and the Centre for Social Research at the University of Zomba in Malawi focuses on the living and working conditions of Malawi’s tobacco tenants and workers.

  • Publisert: 11. februar 2000
  • Ordrenr. 339
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