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  • Knud Knudsen

Lithuania in a Period of Transition

The NORBALT Living Conditions Project

  • Fafo-report 186
  • Fafo-report 186
How far and how fast has the reform process in Lithuania developed? It is often assumed that life has picked up since the arrival of independence – but what has actually been achieved? The present report gives an overview of living conditions in Lithuania, discussing changes in employment, housing, political attitudes and other dimensions. A complex picture emerges: Although there have been substantial achievements, living conditions have not improved significantly. In some areas, like economic conditions, health, safety and security for ordinary people, as well as political trust, Lithuania has even experienced a deterioration. The report bears out that developments should be followed closely, by Lithuanian politicians and the international community alike.
  • Publisert: 18. januar 1996
  • Ordrenr. 186
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