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  • Geir Øvensen

Responding to change

Trends in Palestinian household economy

  • Fafo-report 166
  • Fafo-report 166

The breakthrough in the peace process has changed the political landscape in the Middle East. Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are facing new and unprecedented social and economic conditions.

The present report captures the dynamics of changes and adaptations in individual and household economic behaviour. It builds on and extends the FAFO report “Palestinian Society”, published in May 1993.

The field work for this study (FALUP) was carried out in October 1993. FALUP thus covers the situation as it was shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Principles. A random sample, comprising 5700 adults in 1500 households, was drawn in West Bank refugee camps and in Gaza.

The report portrays a society in transition. A drastic loss of employment opportunities may seriously damage future living conditions in the region. Permanent adaptations to a situation marked by severe reductions in employment, do not seem to have taken place, showing that the future is viewed with caution and uncertainty.

  • Publisert: 21. januar 1994
  • Ordrenr. 166
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