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  • Tone Sommerfelt (ed.)

Domestic Child Labour in Morocco

An analysis of the parties involved in relationships to “Petites Bonnes”

  • Fafo-report 370
  • Fafo-report 370
Many of the maids who work in households in Moroccan cities and town are young girls. This report is an analysis of the phenomenon of “small maids”, or “petites bonnes”, in Morocco, in a child labour perspective. Drawing on survey data, and anthropological and qualitative research techniques, the report describes the extent, social organisation, and economic contexts of child domestic labour in Morocco. By focusing on the views and opportunity situations of parents, employers, middlemen, and young girls themselves, the social relationships that shape the living- and working conditions of “small maids” are analysed. In a final chapter, possible interventions in these relationships are assessed.

The report is the outcome of a study funded by Save the Children-UK.
  • Publisert: 12. februar 2001
  • Ordrenr. 370
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