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  • Arne Grønningsæter (ed.)

Living Conditions and Quality of life among People Living with HIV in Norway

English summary

  • Fafo-report 451
  • Fafo-report 451

Fafo carried through a national study of living conditions and quality of life among people living with HIV in Norway in 2001/2002 . This report contains an English summary of the full report in Norwegian. We have also added a short presentation of how different stakeholders used the results. As far as we know the study is unique, also in an international context. The study covers issues like income and economy among people living with HIV, employment, housing, openness about HIV status, isolation or belonging, sexuality and partnerships, mental and somatic health, and experience with the health services and other public services.

The study was commissioned by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Pluss – The Norwegian Association Against Aids. The project has partly been financed with the aid of EXTRA funds from the Norwegian Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation.

This English summary is published by Pluss – The Norwegian Association Against Aids and Fafo

  • Publisert: 26. februar 2004
  • Ordrenr. 451