Heidi Nicolaisen

Increasingly equalized?
A study of part-time work in ‘old’ and ’new’ part-time work regimes

Jon Rogstad og Guro Ødegård

From bonding to bridging

Mette Andersson and Jon Rogstad

In-between identity and interest
Toward a transnational frame for political engagement among young adults with ethnic minority background in Norway

Heidi Nicolaisen

Overtime regulations in our time
A cross country comparison

Gunnar Myrberg and Jon Rogstad

Like Two Peas in a Pod?
A Comparison of Civic Engagement among Ethnic Minorities in Oslo and Stockholm

Ragnhild Steen Jensen og Kåre Skollerud

Place and Gender: Women's paths into wagework

Heidi Nicolaisen

Working time regulations in the Bank Sector in Three Countries
Convergence towards More Unsocial Hours Working?
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