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Adult learning, vocational skills and labour market outcomes

An important purpose of this project is to gain more knowledge about factors that motivate young adults to obtain a trade certificate. In addition, we investigate the importance of a vocational qualification for labour market participation and mobility.

Main goals

  • To map motivational factors, recruitment processes and consequences of obtaining vocational qualifications for young adults
  • To investigate the importance of formal vocational qualifications in working life
  • To analyze the relationship between competence, skills, and opportunities for different groups in the labour market


  • Project manager:
  • Anna Hagen Tønder

Project period

  • Start:
    January 2014
  • End:
    December 2022

Commissioned by

  • The Research Council of Norway, FINNUT – Programme for Research and Innovation in the Eduational Sector


Sustainable development goals

Other types of publications and dissemination