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Rebecca Nybru Gleditsch



    PhD in Educational Foundations & Research, University of North Dakota

    Master's degree in sociology, University of North Dakota

    Area of work

    Current projects

    A study of the Oslohjelpa in the district of Alna, Bjerke and Søndre Nordstrand
    In this project, Fafo, in collaboration with Economics Norway, will study how Oslohjelpa is organized and works in three districts in Oslo.
    Voluntary associations as information providers during Covid-19

    The project will assess extraordinary grants to voluntary organizations for information measures for the immigrant population, and discuss the role of civil society in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. Carried out in collaboration between Fafo and the National Institute of Public Health.

    Evaluation of the new standardized elements in Norwegian introductory programs for refugees
    Fafo will, from 2021-2024, evaluate the introduction of new standardized elements in the introductory program for refugees and immigrants.
    Evaluation of the upper secondary education reform "Fagfornyelsen"

    Fafo, NIFU and Oslo Met jointly evaluate the national upper secondary vocational education reform "Fagfornyelsen" which introduces both new curricula and a new program and structure. The research-based evaluation is organized into five work packages: Governance and implementation, Didactics, Apprentice/Student perspective, Labour market relevance, and Synthesis.

    Completed projects