Most Fafo-publications are in Norwegian. This list contains everything published in English

Jon Erik Dølvik
Fafopaper 2022:13
Jing Liu, Ingunn Bjørkhaug, Hedda Flatø and Anne Kielland
Children with disabilities during Covid-19. Tabulation report
Survey Data from rural Niger in 2019 and 2022
Fafopaper 2022:11
Mona Christophersen, Ingunn Bjørkhaug and Åge A. Tiltnes
Faforeport 2022:04
Olivia Nantermoz and Natascha Zaun
The use of research and evidence in EU external migration policies
Insights from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa
Fafo Brief
Anne Hatløy, Ketil Bråthen, Svein Erik Stave and Anne Inga Hilsen
Fafopaper 2021:21
Tord Flatland
Firm hand on the tiller
A comparative case-study of industrial relations, bargaining models and organised employers’ roles in change in Sweden and Norway
Master’s thesis, Sociology
Guri Tyldum and Ragna Lillevik
Migration policies and irregular migration into Europe
A review of the current knowledge base
Fafopaper 2021:02
Anne Hatløy, Ketil Bråthen, Svein Erik Stave og Anne Inga Hilsen
Fafopaper 2020:16
Inger Lise Skog Hansen, Ragnhild Steen Jensen and Helle Cathrine Hansen
Mind the gap
Nordic 0–24 collaboration on improved services to vulnerable children and young people. Final report from the process evaluation
Faforeport 2020:21
Ellen Cecilie Andresen and Anne Hatløy
Faforeport 2020:11
Fafopaper 2020:04
Kristin Dalen
Social policy and sustainable development in China
Inclusion, innovation and increased quality
Brief January 2020
Anne Hatløy, Ketil Bråthen, Svein Erik Stave and Anne Inga Hilsen
Fafo Paper 2019:29
Anna Kvittingen, Åge A. Tiltnes, Ronia Salman, Hana Asfour and Dina Baslan
‘Just getting by’
Ex-Gazans in Jerash and other refugee camps in Jordan
Fafo-rapport 2019:34
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