Most Fafo-publications are in Norwegian. This list contains everything published in English

Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees
No place like home? - Challenges in family reintegration after trafficking
The Fafo/NEXUS Institute project: Improving services to trafficked persons
Fafo-report 2012:30
Anette Brunovskis and Rebecca Surtees
A fuller picture - Addressing trafficking-related assistance needs and socio-economic vulnerabilities
The Fafo/NEXUS Institute project: Improving services to trafficked persons
Fafo-report 2012:29
Huafeng Zhang, Ingunn Bjørkhaug, Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Kebede
Perceptions of Good Jobs. Analytical Report. Jianyang, China Sichuan
Background paper for the World Development Report 2013
Fafo-report 2012:19
Odd Bjørn Ure
Formal education in an informal Norwegian culture of enterprise training
Six cases collected from maritime and offshore environments
Fafo-paper 2010:21
Ole-Anders Stensen and Odd Bjørn Ure
Social inclusion in adult education is more than implementing mainstream public policy
A compilation of interviews in Norwegian adult education institutions
Fafo-paper 2010:16
Fafo-paper 2009:14
Johan Christensen
The updating of social democratic tax policy
A study of the Norwegian tax reform of 1992
Fafo-paper 2009:13
Anne Kielland and Furio Rosati
Broadening the approach to Education for All
Including working and other hard-to-reach children. Issues from the workshop Child labor and the EFA initiative: The challenge of including the “hard-to-reach” children. Oslo 20–21 October 2008
Fafo-report 2008:48
Henriette Lunde
Youth and Education in Haiti
Disincentives, vulnerabilities and constraints. Haiti Youth Project
Fafo-paper 2008:26
Kathleen M. Jennings
The War Zone as Social Space:
Social Research in Conflict Zones
Fafo-report 2007:08
Geir Øvensen and Pål Sletten
The Syrian Labour Market
Findings from the 2003 Unemployment Survey
Fafo-report 2007:02
Thomas Lorentzen
Social assistance dynamics in Norway
Doctoral dissertation
Fafo-report 546
Tone Fløtten
Poverty and Social Exclusion – Two Sides of the Same Coin?
A Comparative Study of Norway and Estonia. Doctoral Dissertation
Fafo-report 487
Tatjana Doroshko and Dagmar Kutsar
Fafo-paper 2006:15
Geir Øvensen
An asset index for the Syrian 2003 Unemployment Survey
A background paper on the construction of an asset index for measuring households' long-term wealth
Fafo-paper 2006:01
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