Synnøve Ø. Jahnsen
Synnøve Økland Jahnsen

    Academic background: PhD in sociology, University of Bergen

Research areas:

Decent Work | Responsible business | Labour migration | The Nordic model | Poverty and social security | Wage formation | Care services | Violence and Conflict | Forum for innovation in welfare services

Synnøve Ø. Jahnsen is a Senior Researcher at Fafo and holds a PhD in sociology from the Department of Sociology, at the University of Bergen.

Her research interests lies at the intersections between social, environmental and criminal justice, sociology of law and public administration and includes studies on prostitution, human trafficking, forced labor, work-related crimes, police reforms and coordination.

Jahnsen’s research includes ethnographic research on Norwegian and Australian police forces, and speaks to problems related to gender, migration and marginalisation.

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Synnøve Jahnsen

Understanding Scandinavian approaches to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs , 2021

I: A. Bain & M. Lauchs (Red.) Understanding The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Synnøve Jahnsen & Kristin Slettevåg

Crimmigration statistics: numbers as evidence and problem , 2018

I: Fili, A., Jahnsen, S. & Powel, R. (Red.) Crimmigration statistics: numbers as evidence and problem

Synnøve Jahnsen

The condom as evidence and the condom as a crowbar , 2018

I: T. Sanders & M. Laing (Red.) Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics

Synnøve Jahnsen

In search of bad characters: Banning and banishing outlaw motorcycle gangs , 2018

I: H. O. Gundhus, K. V. Rønn & N. Fyfe (Red.) Moral issues in Intelligence-led policing.

Synnøve Jahnsen

«Norge er ikke en øy»: Mediedekningen av kriminaliseringsdebatten i Norge , 2008

I: M-L. Skilbrei & C. Holmstrom (Red.) Prostitusjon i Norden

Synnøve Jahnsen

På nett med menn som kjøper sex
Analyse av diskusjonsforumet på , 2008

I: M-L. Skilbrei & C. Holmstrøm, C. (Red.) Prostitusjon i Norden.

Synnøve Jahnsen

Kvinner som krysser grensen - sort magi? , 2007

I: Jessen, L. (Red.) Det ideelle offer. Andre tekster om prostitusjon

Other publications

Synnøve Økland Jahnsen

Assessing Prostitution Policies in Europe , 2018

Synnøve Jahnsen

Women who cross borders - Black Magic
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Norwegian newspaper coverage of Nigerian women in prostitution in Norway , 2009

Synnøve Økland Jahnsen

Menneskehandel med tvangsarbeid
En forstudie om gråsoneproblematikk innenfor tiltaksfeltet arbeidsmarkedskriminalitet , 2014