Middle East and North Africa

Fafo’s research in the Middle East mainly revolves around people’s living conditions and livelihood strategies and how these are impacted by conflicts and rights. Much of our work has dealt with the situation of refugees. Increasingly, labour market issues and social protection have become central to our research portfolio.

Fafo conducts large-scale national living condition surveys, smaller surveys on more limited populations, opinion polls as well as coping studies benefitting from both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Fafo has also been involved in the design and evaluation of international assistance and relief programs to the region, including in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. Our evaluations focus on the assistance given for humanitarian purposes, post-conflict recovery and transformation, but also include aid programs with longer-term, developmental objectives.

Amongst our donors and partners are UN agencies, international humanitarian organizations, national governments and local NGOs. Training and capacity building of partner organizations are frequently crucial elements of our projects.

Middle East and North Africa



Research director
Forsker II, bistilling
Research professor
Research assistant
Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Svein Erik Stave, Åge A. Tiltnes and Maha Kattaa
A blast in the midst of crises
Impact of the Beirut port explosions on the city’s enterprises
Anna Kvittingen, Åge A. Tiltnes, Ronia Salman, Hana Asfour and Dina Baslan
‘Just getting by’
Ex-Gazans in Jerash and other refugee camps in Jordan
Fafo-rapport 2019:34
Åge A. Tiltnes, Huafeng Zhang and Jon Pedersen
The living conditions of Syrian refugees in Jordan
Results from the 2017-2018 survey of Syrian refugees inside and outside camps
Fafo-report 2019:04
Kristian Takvam Kindt and Heba Khalil
Fafo-paper 2018:24
Tewodros Aragie Kebede and Kristian Takvam Kindt
Fafo-report 2016:20
Svein Erik Stave and Solveig Hillesund
Fafo-report 2015:16
Huafeng Zhang, Åge A. Tiltnes and Hani Eldada
Living conditions of Palestinian outside-camp refugees, Jordan 2012
Results from a sample survey of Palestinian refugees residing outside the camps
Fafo-paper 2014:18
Huafeng Zhang, Åge A. Tiltnes and Hani Eldada
Living conditions of Palestinian camp refugees, Jordan 2011, Tabulation report, Part 2
Results from a sample survey of the 13 Palestinian refugee camps
Fafo-paper 2014:17
Huafeng Zhang, Åge A. Tiltnes and Hani Eldada
Living conditions of Palestinian camp refugees, Jordan 2011, Tabulation report, Part 1
Results from interviews with all refugee households in the 13 Palestinian refugee camps
Fafo-paper 2014:16
Åge A. Tiltnes and Huafeng Zhang
Mona Christophersen
Protest and reform in Jordan
Popular demand and government response 2011 to 2012
Fafo-report 2013:50
Mona Christophersen, Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson and Åge A. Tiltnes
Fafo-report 2013:48
Åge A. Tiltnes and Huafeng Zhang
Progress, challenges, diversity
Insights into the socio-economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan
Fafo-report 2013:42
Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Kristian Takvam Kindt and Jacob Høigilt
Fafo-report 2013:39
Mona Christophersen, Jing Liu, Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson and Åge A. Tiltnes
Lebanese attitudes towards Syrian refugees and the Syrian crisis
Results from a national opinion poll implemented 15–21 May, 2013
Fafo-paper 2013:13
Jacob Høigilt
Raising Extremists?
Islamism and education in the Palestinian Territories
Fafo-report 2010:05
Åge A. Tiltnes
Characteristics of Displaced Palestinian Refugees from the Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp
Results from the August 2007 Survey of 999 Families. A Report to UNRWA and ILO
Fafo-paper 2008:02
Gro Hasselknippe and Marianne Tveit
Against the Odds
How Palestinians Cope through Fiscal Crisis, Closures and Boycott
Fafo-report 2007:41
Geir Øvensen and Pål Sletten
The Syrian Labour Market
Findings from the 2003 Unemployment Survey
Fafo-report 2007:02
Gro Hasselknippe
Palestinian Opinions on Peace and Conflict, Internal Affairs and Parliament Elections 2006
Results from Fafo polls in September and November-December 2005
Fafo-paper 2006:09
Geir Øvensen
An asset index for the Syrian 2003 Unemployment Survey
A background paper on the construction of an asset index for measuring households' long-term wealth
Fafo-paper 2006:01
Åge A. Tiltnes
Falling Behind
A Brief on the Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
Fafo-report 464
Pål Sletten and Louay H. Rashid
Fafo-paper 2005:17
Laurie Blome Jacobsen
Educated Housewives
Living Conditions among Palestinian Refugee Women
Fafo-report 425
Fafo AIS in cooperation with Palestinian Center Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources in Damascus
Fafo-report 418
Laurie Blome Jacobsen
Finding Means. Summary Report
UNRWA’s Financial Situation and the Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees
Fafo-report 415
Jon Pedersen, Mona Christophersen, Pål Sletten
Fafo-report 371
Jon Pedersen, Mona Christophersen, Lena C. Endresen and Pål Sletten
Fafo-report 365
Tone Sommerfelt (ed.)
Domestic Child Labour in Morocco
An analysis of the parties involved in relationships to “Petites Bonnes”
Fafo-report 370
Jon Pedersen, Sara Randall and Marwan Khawaja (eds.)
Growing Fast
The Palestinian Population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Fafo-report 353
Fafo-report 345
Willy Egset and Suzanne Hammad
Landmine Victims in Jordan
A Needs Assessment Study
Fafo-paper 1999:03
Liv Jorun Stokke (ed.)
Gender Equality in Tunisia and Norway/Egalité des sexes en Tunisie et Norvège
Report from the seminar at Fafo 13-17 February 1998
Other Fafo-publications
Jon Pedersen and Rick Hooper (ed.)
Developing Palestinian Society
Socio-economic trends and their implications for development strategies
Fafo-report 242
Åge Arild Tiltnes
Ability and Willingness to Pay for Water and Sewage Services in Two Palestinian Cities
Results from a Household Survey in Nablus and Gaza City
Fafo-paper 1998:17
Are Hovdenak, Jon Pedersen, Dag H. Tuastad, Elia Zureik
Fafo-report 236
Jon Pedersen
Fafo-paper 1997:22
Lena Endresen, Jon Hanssen-Bauer, Jon Pedersen
Fafo-paper 1997:17
Jon Pedersen
The Demography of Palestinians
New surveys in the Occupied Territories and Jordan
Fafo-paper 1995:08
Signe Gilen et al.
Finding Ways
Palestinian Coping Strategies in Changing Environments
Fafo-report 177
Lena C. Endresen and Geir Øvensen
Fafo-report 176
Geir Øvensen
Responding to change
Trends in Palestinian household economy
Fafo-report 166
Marianne Heiberg and Geir Øvensen et al.
Fafo-report 151

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