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Tone Fløtten

Managing Director

Tone Fløtten is Managing Director of the Research Foundation Fafo. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology and has specialized in research on poverty and social exclusion, economic inequality, comparative social policy, and the Nordic model.

Fløtten is engaged in editorial boards, public commissions, and board of directors. She is a member of the board of Western Norway Research Institute and the board of The Foundation Dagsavisen. She is also a member of the Norwegian Corona Commission. Fløtten has, amongst others, served as a member of the Strategic Advisory Board for Danish Social Research (SFI) and the Board of Division for Strategic Priorities of the Norwegian Research Council. She has been chair of the board of the Faculty of social science at the University College of Oslo and Akershus (now OsloMet). Furthermore, Fløtten has served as both member and deputy chair of The National Commission for the Investigation of Research Misconduct. Fløtten was also a member of the Norwegian Commission on Distribution and the Danish Expert Commission on Poverty.

Area of work

Current projects

Social security in periods of high cost of living
In this project, we will examine how selected Norwegian welfare benefits have developed over the last 15 years. Do the benefits keep pace with the economic development, and does the welfare state adapt quickly enough when prices are rising sharply?
Food aid in Norway

Fafo and ISF will together explore the Norwegian food aid system.

Evaluation: FOR ALLE

A research-based evaluation of Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank’s initiative FOR EVERYONE! The evaluation will provide knowledge about the extent the donations reach the target groups, and what, if any, characterizes the projects that have good goal achievement.

My place under the sun

The main goal of the project is Strengthened Civic Awareness and Cooperation of Civil Society Organizations, Public Institutions, Local Authorities, Private Sector and Citizens to Combat Urban Child Poverty.

Fafo publications

Articles and book chapters

Other publications

Completed projects

Who are in need of emergency aid from NGOs?

In recent months, voluntary organizations have experienced an increase in the number of people seeking help to fulfil basic needs. In this project, we will examine the development in the use of the Salvation Army's food distribution in three Norwegian cities. Through registrations, interviews with those who distribute food and interviews with those lining up to receive food, we will explore how the situation has changed regarding how many people seek such emergency help, as well as what characterizes those who receive support.

Evaluation: 'FOR EVERYONE'. Module 1

This project is module 1 in a research-based evaluation of Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank’s initiative FOR EVERYONE! The evaluation will provide knowledge about the extent the donations reach the target groups, and what, if any, characterizes the projects that have good goal achievement.

Youth Employment and Gender Equality: Mobilizing human capital for sustainable growth in Greece

Greece has major challenges related to low employment rates among young people and women. The purpose of the project is to document and analyze the situation in the Greek labor market in order to uncover barriers that affect young people's and women's labor market participation. Furthermore, it will propose measures that may contribute to increased employment among young people, including what measures can be taken to break gender-related barriers.

Political trends towards 2035

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) has asked for an analysis of possible political trends up to 2035, and the consequences for public administration. One challenge in the years to come is how to maintain a sustainable welfare state.

State of art - children in low income families

In 2015, the Government presented a strategy for children living in poverty. A new strategy will be presented in 2020. Fafo has been commissioned to do a state of the art report for this strategy. In this report, we will summarize the current knowledge of Norwegian children living in low-income families, as well as what we know about measures that both alleviate the consequences of poverty during childhood and counteract long-term negative consequences for the individual and society. The report will describe the knowledge situation for children and adolescents in the age group 0-20 years.

Contribution to Oslo municipality's living condition evaluation project

Evaluation of three concepts implemented as part of Oslo municipality's project on living conditions 2018-2019

Platform of knowledge for the 0-24 collaboration on vulnerable children and youth
The aim of the 0-24 collaboration is to provide more coherent services and to strengthen the cross sectoral collaboration in the follow up of vulnerable children, young people and their families. Fafo is going to provide a platform of knowledge for this work in order to inform and to support the municipalities' work in this field.
Evaluation of National grant scheme against child poverty

The aim of this evaluation is to get more knowledge about the impact of this grant scheme as part of the overall work against child poverty.