Dropout from education
Dropout from education


Dropout from upper secondary education, particularly in vocational education and training, and among boys with immigrant background, is a continuous concern in the public debate. Media’s focus is directed towards political interventions, social inequalities and youth risking permanent labour market marginalisation. In the debates, drop-out has been depicted as the knowledge society’s ‘weak spot’, where the government’s logic of efficiency and economic growth meets the citizens’ hopes for self-realisation and taking charge of one’s life projects. The research conducted at Fafo in this field, seeks to address and problematize our understanding of the phenomenon. What is really dropout, when does it become a problem, and to who? Research interests cover how the education system could and should be designed in order to ensure social inclusion.

Fafo takes part in a broadly composed national research network on dropout, education and the significance of local labour markets.

Mathilde Bjørnset og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-notat 2019:22
Mathilde Bjørnset, Nina Drange, Hege Gjefsen, Marianne Takvam Kindt og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-rapport 2018:41
Mathilde Bjørnset, Aina Fossum, Jon Rogstad, Bjørn Smestad og Niri Talberg
Fafo-rapport 2018:36
Kaja Reegård og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-notat 2018:13
Silje Andresen, Aina Fossum, Jon Rogstad og Bjørn Smestad
Fafo-rapport 2017:36
Silje Andresen, Mathilde Bjørnset, Kaja Reegård og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-rapport 2017:33
Erika Braanen Sterri, Silje Andresen, Kaja Reegård og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-rapport 2015:27
Fafo-notat 2000:14
Jens B. Grøgaard, Tove Midtsundstad og Marit Egge
Fafo-rapport 263
Marit Egge
Fafo-rapport 259
Marit Egge og Tove Midtsundstad (red.)
Fafo-notat 1997:02
Tove Midtsundstad
Fafo-notat 1995:07

Oddbjørn Raaum, Jon Rogstad, Knut Røed, Lars Westlie

Young and Out: An Application of a Prospects-Based Concept of Social Exclusion
Journal of Socioeconomics

J.B. Grøgaard og T. Midtsundstad

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