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Kaja Reegård

Research director


PhD in sociology, University of Bergen

MA in sociology, University of Oslo

Current projects

Engaging workplaces: A social partners perspective on youth activation
How can workplaces – encompassing employers, employees, and the organisational structures in which they are embedded – be reconfigured to facilitate the successful inclusion of vulnerable youth struggling to enter and retain a position in the labour market?
Status update on the use and scope of digital platform work
The purpose of the project is to enhance knowledge about the use, scope, actors, and nature of platform work in the Norwegian labor market, and how this has evolved since 2017.

Fafo publications

Other publications

Completed projects

Samsvar mellom tilbud og etterspørsel i fag- og yrkesopplæringen?

Fafo and NIFU will cooperate in a research project about the match betweeen vocational education and training and the demand for skills in the labour market. The aim is to establish a better knowledge base for a revision of the vocational programmes in upper secondary education. The project is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

Youth and educational choice

This is a study of educational choices in upper secondary education, with a focus on health and child care and youth development. A key objective of the study is to gain a better understanding of the various factors that affect students' choice of education, how students perceive their own information needs and how these needs are met by the school and other stakeholders.

Dual VET-models with more frequent changes of learning arenas

Fafo evaluates a number of projects which test dual models of vocational education and training (VET) that are different from the current standard 2+2-model for VET at upper secondary level in Norway. In these models called "vekslingsmodeller" students/apprentices change more frequently between learning at school and learning at work. In the standard 2+2-model two years at school is followed by two year apprenticeship. The evaluation is carried out in cooperation with NIFU.