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Inger Marie Hagen og Sigurd M. Nordli Oppegaard
Fafo-rapport 2020:07
Kristine Nergaard
Hjemmekontor og digitale løsninger. Faktaflak
Undersøkelse om hjemmekontor og bruk av digitale løsninger
Faktaflak - Konsekvenser av Covid-19
Marianne Takvam Kindt og Jon Rogstad
Faktaflak - Konsekvenser av Covid-19
Rolf K. Andersen, Mathilde Bjørnset og Jon Rogstad
Fafo-rapport 2019:09
Marianne Jenum Hotvedt and Natalie Videbæk Munkholm
Fafo-paper 2019:06
Mathilde Bjørnset, Aina Fossum, Jon Rogstad, Bjørn Smestad og Niri Talberg
Digitale skillelinjer
Evaluering av matematikkeksamen på 10. trinn våren 2018
Fafo-rapport 2018:36
Kristin Alsos, Kristin Jesnes, Beate Sletvold Øistad og Torstein Nesheim
Fafo-rapport 2017:41
Kristin Jesnes, Beate Sletvold Øistad, Kristin Alsos og Torstein Nesheim
Fafo-notat 2016:23
Kristin Jesnes og Johannes Oldervoll
Delingsøkonomien møter den nordiske modellen
Faktaflak til Fafo-frokost 27. september 2016
Mona Bråten
Fafo-rapport 2016:05
Tove Mogstad Aspøy og Rolf K. Andersen
Fafo-rapport 2015:28
Jean-Louis Laville
The future of work
The debate in France
Fafo-rapport 309

Sigurd Martin Nordli Oppegaard

Regulating Flexibility: Uber’s Platform as a Technological Work Arrangement

Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies

Jørgen Ingerød Steen, Johan Røed Steen, Kristin Jesnes and Rolf Røtnes

The Knowledge-intensive Platform Economy in the Nordic Countries

Kristin Alsos, Kristin Jesnes og Beate Sletvold Øistad

Når sjefen er en app – delingsøkonomi i et arbeidsperspektiv

Liv Helene Roverud, Tor Kristian Kjølvik, Torstein Nesheim og Kristin Jesnes

Mellomledd i oppdragsmarkedet

Tuomo Alasoini, Tomas Berglund, ,Anna Hedenus, Anna Ilsøe, Trine Pernille Larsen, Stine Rasmussen, Johan Røed Steen, Pekka Varje

Digital Transformations of Traditional Work in the Nordic Countries

Jon Erik Dølvik and Johan Røed Steen

The Nordic future of work
Drivers, institutions, and politics

Jon Erik Dølvik and Kristin Jesnes

Nordic labour markets and the sharing economy
Report from a pilot project

Kristin Jesnes og Torstein Nesheim

Tar appene livet av bedriftene?

Kristin Jesnes og Torstein Nesheim

Formidlingsøkonomi, ikke delingsøkonomi

News about labour relations and labour market

Updated report on labour trafficking

Wednesday, 09 June 2021

There is considerable knowledge about, and interventions that target, human trafficking and exploitation for prostitution. In labour trafficking, however, other actors are involved, the victims identified have more often been men, and assistance providers face other challenges than those that are known from trafficking for prostitution. Labour trafficking will also be encountered by other actors, and there is a considerable need for knowledge. This report is an updated summary of the original report Menneskehandel i arbeidslivet” [Labour trafficking”], published in 2019.

Final Nordic report on status and trajectory of non-standard work

Friday, 05 February 2021

This TemaNord report concludes Pillar III on non-standard work under the Fafo-led research program "The Future of Work". With contributions from 18 researchers from all five Nordic countries, the report looks at both traditional forms of non-standard work, such as temporary contracts, part-time and solo self-employed, as well as emerging employment practices such as zero-hour contracts and freelancer companies – all within the context of the Nordic welfare and industrial relations models.

Report: Nordic lessons on coordinating services for vulnerable children and young people

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

The Nordic 0-24 project has been a collaboration between all the Nordic countries and autonomous areas to improve follow-up of vulnerable children and young people. Fafo has carried out an evaluation of the project. A key point of the evaluation is the importance of putting children and young people at the centre and taking their perspective when creating and developing services, as well in the general follow-up.

New report: How will Nordic employment laws hold against changes to come?

Monday, 12 October 2020

The Fafo-led project "The future of work: Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models" examines a wide range of aspects of how our Nordic societies are prepared for the future. This report seeks to reveal whether there is a need to adapt Nordic labour law to future working relationships, and, if so, how such an adaptation can preserve the purpose and functions of the laws. The report is comissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers.