Fafo's Anne Britt Djuve will head a new project about migrants from Romania to the Scandinavian capitals. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council under the VAM-programme (Welfare, working life and integration).
NIFU and Fafo have reviewed research on four vocational programs. The project is commissioned by the Norwegian directorate for education and training. Questions of correspondance between the education provision and labour market demand are adressed. From Fafo has Kaja Reegård and Anna Hagen Tønder contributed.
Fafo will evaluate the routines for whistle-blowing in the municipality of Sandnes. During the project, there will be conducted a survey among the employees about their knowledge to the routines, and to what extent they blow the whistle about wrongdoing at the workplaces. Sissel C. Trygstad will lead the project.
The project GEQUAL addresses the challenge of how social partners can promote gender equality, especially by introducing this issue into collective agreements.  Social partners should have an important role and take their part of responsibility, especially for the implementation of gender equality in the field of labour relations. The project is headed by the University of Ljubljana.
The recording of the seminar is available on Fafo-tv. You will find the powerpoints from the speakers in the program.

This report explores the coordination of housing and integration policy between the Norwegian State Housing Bank (Husbanken), IMDi and the municipalities to settle refugees. The study is based on qualitative interviews, participation in municipal assemblies and document studies. The report is written by Vidar Bakkeli (pictured) and Ragnhild Steen Jensen.

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