During the dramatic hostage situation in Bamako Mali, two of Fafo's researchers have commentet on the social background and religious sentiments of the Mali population. Fafo have conducted research on this issues.
Åsmund Hermansen and Tove Midtsundstad have published a new article in International Journal of Manpower. The purpose of the article "Retaining older workers - analysis of company surveys from 2005 and 2010" is to shed light on developments in Norwegian companies’ active-ageing policies, and hence offer insight into what characterises those Norwegian companies offering measures to retain their older workers.
At this seminar we will present statistics on the number of labour migrants to Norway, and also how they are affected by the rising unemployment.
There is still a huge deficit in the number of shop stewards with an immigrant background. There has been no development since 2007, according to new numbers from Fafo and the researchers Inger Marie Hagen (pictured) and Ragnhild Steen Jensen.
Fafo researcher Tove Midtsundstad (pictured) will be part of a project aiming to give relevant knowledge about the mobility among senior workers (+50) in Norway.
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