This report presents the main findings of a household survey conducted in the Jordanian governorates of Amman, Irbid and Mafraq between February and March 2014, aimed at assessing the implications of the large influx of Syrian Refugees onto the labour market in the three geographical areas. The unemployment rate among Jordanians has increased from 14.5 per cent prior to the Syrian crisis in 2011 to 22.1 per cent at present. ILO's presentation

During the last 11 years, there has been a massive influx of labour from the Eastern Europan countries to Norway. A member-based project called "Fafo East Forum" has followed the development during this period, through seminars and gathering of webbased news about the immigration and the workers.
The next edition of "Søkelys på arbeidslivet" has several contributions from Fafo-researchers. The journal will be launched at the 19th of May. Hanne C. Kavli (pictured), will talk about absence due to illness among immigrant workers. Kristine Nergaard has contributed to an article about the fall in trade union membership. Åsmund Hermansen and Tove Midtsundstad have written about how web-based information about pension-rights in the private sector works.
The article examines the ways students in the school-based part of the vocational education and training (VET) in Sales begin to make sense of the world of work they are about to enter. Which aspects of retail work do they identify with? In a recently published article, Kaja Reegård investigates young people’s reasons for embarking on a vocational Sales education and their orientations towards retail work. The article is published in Journal of Education and Work.
In this new report about involuntary part-time work in the Norwegian labour market Leif Moland a.o. evaluates a programme to combat this phenomenon. The project was commissioned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the report was presented at a Fafo-seminar today.
How many of the workforce in Posten, Vestre Viken HF and Vinmonopolet work part time and how much of this can be considered as unwanted part time work? This report examines the use of part time work and what this entails for the operations and the employees. The report also discusses possible strategies for the companies to offer more full-time jobs and larger part-time contracts.
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