The introductory programme for immigrants has been evaluated a number of times since it was made law in 2004/2005. In this report we have summarized – and discussed – the knowledge available about the programme. The overview is organized into four parts that address the programme's implementation, results, user experience and ethics. In conclusion we comment on what we view as further knowledge needs within each of these areas. Authors: Anne Britt Djuve and Hanne C. Kavli.
Can a bilingual school for both deaf and hearing children be a tool to achieve the goal of inclusive education for all? This is one of the questions in a new working paper written by Hilde Haualand. She shows some of the more problematic sides of the current organization of the education in and about sign language.
Who work on zero hour contracts, how many are they and what kinds of employment contracts exist? A zero hour contract is an employment contract which neither stipulates any weekly working time nor when the work is to take place. The report was written by Kristine Nergaard (pictured), Kristin Alsos, Mona Bråten and Ragnhild Steen Jensen. The report is financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
Gudmund Hernes and Kristin Jesnes (pictured) will receive a delegation from the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly. Fafo will put together an academic program enabling the Ministry to better understand the law on arbitration of labour disputes and how this might work in practice. The project is financed by the EEA and Norway Grants.

Which collective agreement shall be applied, and how are disputes between the parties on which agreement to choose handled? How are trade unions confederations solving organizational conflicts about the boundaries between member unions? Fafo-researcher Kristine Nergaard, together with attorney Christopher Hansteen, has written an article on these topics in Arbeidsrett (Vol 12 No January 2015).
What are the main challenges when the so-called IDOL-generation become workers? Will self-confidence trump competence? Fafo-researcher Jon Rogstad has written an essay in ISCO Group Communication, no. 1/2015 on the topic. He launches five trends that are crucial in order to understand the current relationship between employers and employees.
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