19 March 2015
The company assembly is a distinctively Norwegian company organ – above the board and below the general assembly. Can this arrangement also be a part of modern Corporate Governance? This is the topic of an article written by Fafo-researcher Inger Marie Hagen, published in Magma 2/2015 (in Norwegian only). The article is based on interviews conducted in 2013. The representatives of different shareholder groups believe that the assembly need to change not to be out of date. *  Read the article at Magma

In 2012 NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) launched the project “Ringer I Vannet” (“Ripples in the water”) in order to motivate member companies to increase inclusion in the workplace. A new Fafo-report describes the method and what it takes for companies to recruit applicants with a relevant expertise. Lise Lien (pictured) and Magne Bråthen will present the survey. Programme (The seminar is in Norwegian).

There was a decline in the number of patient days in Norwegian hospitals for the oldest patients from 2010 to 2013. In a new article Fafo’s Åsmund Hermansen (pictured) and Anne Skevik Grødem (ISF) explains that this is primarily due to the Coordination Reform. Increased nursing skill is of less significance in this period, but can be important in the long term. The article is in Norwegian only (Sykepleien Forskning, 1/2015). 
Even though "everyone" emphasizes the whistleblower's importance, it can be risky to notify. It is particularly risky if the boss is responsible for the wrongdoing. This is the subject of a commentary (in Norwegian only) by Sissel C. Trygstad (pictured) and Anne Mette Ødegård at NRK Ytring, 14 March.
Working time arrangements where employees live together with children and youth in residential child welfare units, are becoming more common. Employees, the management and youths are all satisfied with these arrangements, yet how they should be to regulated, is debated. This is the subject of a new report by Fafo's Dag Olberg (pictured) and Karen-Sofie Pettersen (WRI). The report will be presented at the seminar (in Norwegian only)
Norwegian hospitals have gone through a major restructuring in recent years and the labor intensity seems to increase. A new report shows that managers, safety representatives and union officials  have different opinions of the cooperation during these processes. Sissel C. Trygstad and Rolf K. Andersen have written the report (in Norwegian only).
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