A new report written by Mona Bråten and Rolf Andersen shows that safety representatives are not much involved when projects are planned and started. At the same time enterprises professionalize their HSE work. It is necessary to improve the traning so that the safety representatives are prepared to meet the current challenges of the industry.

Is the dialogue between the members and the union leadership functional? The question was raised by the leadership of the Union of Education Norway (Utdanningsforbundet), after 73 percent of the members voted «no» to the draft working time agreement in June 2014.  In this report we study the dialogue and internal communication in the union. The report is written by Kristin Jesnes, Kristine Nergaard, Johan Røed Steen and Sissel C. Trygstad.
16 September 2015
Silje Andresen (picture), Jon Rogstad and Kaja Reegård will conduct an international review study of funding models of vocational education and training. The project is funded by LO. Placing emphasise on the Danish system, we ask, which lessons can be learnt?
This question is raised by Fafo researcher Line Eldring in an article in the Swedish journal Europarättslig tidskrift. Statutory minimum wage has gained new relevance with increasing shares of working poor in Europe, according to Eldring. This can protect vulnerable groups, but in the Nordic context legal extension of collective agreements is probably a better tool to combat low wage competition
To give people an oportunity to get to know the architecture of Oslo, Fafo will participate in the Oslo Open House during the weekend 11. - 13. September. Our garden is always open, and the inside of the house can be visited at saturday from 12-16. The Oslo Open House presents more than 150 locations in and around Oslo.

Fafo researchers Line Eldring and Kristin Alsos have written a chapter in a new book on minimum wages and collective bargaining. The main focus of their chapter is on the mechanisms and outcomes of the current minimum-wage-setting regimes in the Nordic countries. The book Minimum Wages, Collective Bargaining and Economic Development in Asia and Europe. A Labour Perspective is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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