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Steps to include every child and youth

07. June 2019

ALLEMED is a dialog tool to help non-governmental organizations and municipalities to include all children and young people in recreational activities. This brief documents how local government tackle questions of child poverty and, and how they experience that the ALLEMED tool works. Results indicate that the tool can be useful, but it is yet not known whether it actually helps reduce the number of children and young people that are prevented from participating in recreational activities as a result of economic conditions.

Strong unions strenghten pensions

07. June 2019

In this article in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies Tove Midtsundstad investigate what characterizes private sector enterprises that offer their employees both entitlement to AFP and a "good" occupational pension, compared with enterprises that only offer a minimum pension. She finds that union strength and strong social partner relations are key factors that differentiate these two groups.

Comments on racism debate

06. June 2019

Fafos report on Norwegians' attitudes when it comes to discrimination has led to a debate about racism and how scientific methods can document such attitudes. In a comment on NRK Ytring Guri Tyldum explains her choices for the report and comments on the subsequent debate in the media. – The Fafo-report is not a study of racism in Norway, but concerns itself of how the population views the instruments to combat discrimination and hate speech, Tyldum writes.

Improved cooperation for healthier food

04. June 2019

On commission from the Norwegian Directorate for health Fafo has evaluated an agreement between the government and the food production industry to facilitate a healthier diet. This brief is the first annual evaluation of the ongoing project. The agreement has introduced useful meeting points and networks, as well as increased food industry's awareness of its own corporate social responsibility. Challenges concern consumption habits and sales, demanding changes of existing products as well as how changes in the tax code for certain foods and beverages with sugar have influenced the climate of cooperation.

Recording: "Welfare for sale" – new report and seminar

29. May 2019

The launch of a report concerning the role of private companies have in providing welfare services was marked by a Fafo seminar May 29th. Central questions: How has the scope of the private sector’s role within welfare services evolved? What impact has the private providers of welfare services had when it comes to quality and efficiency? And what happens to the wages, pensions and working conditions?

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