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Rethinking Development Evaluation in light of the Sustainable Development Goals

23. May 2019

Fafo's Tone Fløtten and Svein Erik Stave (photo) are among the presenters in a breakfast seminar at Kulturhuset June 12th hosted by Norad. The event aims to engage in joint reflections on current evaluation practices in the light of Agenda 2030 and SDG 17. 

Welcome to today's Fafo conference 2019

16. May 2019

The Fafo conference 2019 - which also marked the 15th anniversary of the EU's eastward expansion - focused on contemporary concerns about climate change, lack of integration, greater inequalities, pressure on wage and working conditions and the welfare state's sustainability.

Upgrading skills well – when it counts

07. May 2019

New technology, digitization and robotics demand abilities in restructuring and skills development in the workplace. Fafo has examined private sector's employee and employer organizations’ view and act on the collective agreements’ provisions on this area. The abilities to rapidly restructure and develop new skills in the aftermath of major technological or legislative changes are given a positive review, all though the daily and more mundane cooperation is often compromised.

Fafo's new doctorate

02. May 2019

May 2nd Fafo researcher Marianne Takvam Kindt was conferred a Ph. D. doctorate at University of Oslo’s institute of education. Her thesis builds on qualitative in-depth interviews with 28 children of immigrants who are undertaking prestigious educational pathways. The thesis examines how they view and explain their choices and developments, from being raised in an immigrant family to higher education and entering adult life.

How did 1st of May become our labour day?

01. May 2019

In Norway, as in many other coutnries, 1st of May is a national holiday celebrating workers in the past and present. On Arbeidslivet.no we have written an article explaining the historic reasons for choosing this day, and how the first demonstrations have evolved.

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