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“Confessions from a migrant researcher"

12. February 2019

A new book has looked into how migration is treated as a topic for debate and research by researchers, media and politics. One of the people who the journal Tidsskrift for samfunnsvitenskap has asked to offer some reflections after reading Mette Andersson’s book is Jon Horgen Friberg. He warns his colleagues not to end up as victims: – I miss stories about how migration researchers like to be in a hot debate climate and who are aware how lucky we are, he writes (in Norwegian).

When the state sent the teachers away

11. February 2019

In 2004, the responsibility for bargaining with the teachers’ trade unions was handed over from the state to the Norwegian municipalities and counties. The teachers objected, but the government thought it necessary to concentrate more of the duties as employer in the hands of the schools themselves. This brief, written by Åsmund Arup Seip, examines the historical backdrop to both the starting and end point of this shift.

Better help over the threshold

07. February 2019

The social security agency NAV has initiated many projects aiming to get more people with functional impairments in employment. This report looks into the different projects. It identifies similarities and differences between them, as well as factors which the project participants regard as important to succeed. The report also points at good practices for project work generally.

Boosted use of contract labour also in Nordland country

06. February 2019

The use of temporary staff recruitment agencies has recently increased also in Norway’s more rural county of Nordland, according to a brief written by Kristine Nergaard and Elin Svarstad. Building and construction is the main driving force. Despite the objective to spend less, also municipalities and health enterprises has been spending more money on contracted workers.

Fafo breakfast: China in the year of the pig

05. February 2019

Recently China celebrated the 40 years’ anniversary of the reforms that are regarded as the starting point for the country’s enormous growth and development. Since then China has become an economical and technological political world power. Still, many consider the current prospects of political, economic and international development in China in a less optimistic light.

New project: Living conditions for development in Western China

05. February 2019

To build on the previous work in Western China in 2004, Fafo and CASTED plan to conduct a living conditions survey in the four Western provinces Shaanxi, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan. The project aims to understand global challenges such as good governance, socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, social security, innovation and climate change mitigation in China’s Western region.

How does extended working lives play out?

04. February 2019

As part of the Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) program “Demographic Change, Equality and Wellbeing”, Tove Midtsundstad and Anne Inga Hilsen have compiled a policy brief. The Research Council of Norway is the project’s originator. The brief sums up current European knowledge on seniors’ labor force participation and how this interplay with demographic changes in the population. The effects on income, health and volunteer work are central topics. The brief, written in English, serves as a foundation for JPI’s strategy for knowledge and research concerning on this specific area.

Labour rights and enforcement for posted workers

01. February 2019

Fafo has contributed in a European Commission funded project: "Protecting Mobility through Improving Labour Rights Enforcement in Europe" that aims to enhance administrative cooperation and information sharing between relevant stakeholders engaged with posting of workers.

Pension: Many have no clue

31. January 2019

2 of 5 employees in Norway's private sector do not know which pension saving plan they have through their job. Many also do not know if they have access to the collectively agreed pension AFP. This uncertainty is also widespread amongst the employers as well as quite a few shop stewards, according to Ståle Østhus study.

Do employees participate as is their right?

30. January 2019

How is workers' participation and co-determination rights practiced in the Norwegian working life? And how do social partners assess this practice? These are central questions in this project undertaken on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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