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Sexual harassment in film, TV, theatre and music

09. November 2018

In the wake of the #metoo campaign in 2017, Fafo has undertaken a survey to identify the prevalence and experience of sexual harassment in job settings among those working in the areas of film, TV, theatre, music and gaming. The results show that this is a major problem.

Second place in the ESR Prize for the Best Article of the Year

07. November 2018

Jon Rogstad has together with Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund and Kristian Heggebø won second place in The ESR Prize for the Best Article of the Year in  European Sociological Review.
Read their article online: Additive or multiplicative disadvantage? The scarring effects of unemployment for ethnic minorities.

Senior competence in the Norwegian Labour Inspectorate

06. November 2018

Active ageing is about recognising and valuing senior resources in working life. A step towards this goal is to promote an awareness of the potentials and resources of older employees, and thus prevent forced early exclusion from working life. Anne Inga Hilsen, Fafo, has made this report about senior competence in the Norwegian Labour Inspectorate.

Forms of employment relationships in Norway

06. November 2018

In this report, we analyse the status and development of different types of employment relationships in the Norwegian labour market from 2014 to 2018. The definition of contracts or employment relationships in this context covers permanent vs. temporary employment, employees and vs. the self-employed, as well as freelancers and temporary agency workers.

Outsourcing of cleaning services in the Armed Forces

05. November 2018

Elins Svartstad and Sissel C.Trygstad have investigated the intentions behind the decision to subject the cleaning of premises belonging to the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) to competitive tendering. The report is also concerned with how the interests of the cleaners were  looked after by their employer until the contract was transferred, and what the new job situation looks like. 

Long term research contract on pensions

02. November 2018

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Social Affairs and Social Affairs has entered into a long-term research contract with a consortium consisting of ISF, Frisch, SSB and Fafo. Ongoing research assignments will be carried out over a four-year period.

The role of the local membership benefit committees in LO

02. November 2018

Membership benefits are well known as a tool for trade unions to recruit members.The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) has established local committees in every region in order to inform trade union representatives at the local level. This report focuses on the committees. What are their main task and their activity level?

Food security in light of the Sustainable Deelopment Goals

01. November 2018

Fafo will during this year work out a report with recommandation to the Government concerning food safety and nutrition in the developing aid. The project is commissioned by Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment.

Imbalance between ethnic minority trade union members and the number of representatives

31. October 2018

A glance at the top positions in the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian trade unions reveals an almost all-white picture. There is considerable imbalance between the number of ethnic minority trade union members and the number of ethnic minority representatives, according to an article written by Inger Marie Hagen and Ragnhild Steen Jensen in Transfer:European Review of Labour Research.

Possibilities and challenges for digital platforms

30. October 2018

Fafo and Economics Norway  will start a project on innovation and growth for the digital platforms in the Nordic countries. It is commissioned by Nordic Innovation and the federations of professionals in the Nordic countries.

The story behind the Pension Reform in Norway

29. October 2018

According to Anne Skevik Grødem from ISF and Jon M. Hippe from Fafo there were two main actors in the political game about a new pension system: The Ministry of Finance and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). The report about this story is under publishing.

Sexual harassment in the Scandinavian hotel industry

26. October 2018

The main questions in this report, written by Mona Bråten and Beate Sletvold Øistad, address how workplace sexual harassment is understood, dealt with and prevented.The data show that sexual harassment in general is a challenging area for the working environment field.

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