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Experiences with the introductory programme for refugees

26. October 2018

This Fafo-report presents the results from a qualitative user survey among participants in the introductory programme for refugees in Norway. Some participants feel that the full-day programme they areprovided with through the introductory programme is less than meaningful and brings little in terms of qualification.


Continuing education and training in collective agreements in the public sector

25. October 2018

This report provides an overview of the arrangements for continuing education and training that exist in working life in the public sector and investigates how collective agreements can contribute to skills development. It is written by Åsmund Arup Seip and commissioned by Skills Norway.

Users’ Choice in Providing Services to the Most Vulnerable Homeless People

23. October 2018

This article in "Social Inclusion" is written by Inger Lise Skog Hansen, and discusses users’ experiences from receiving social support as part of the Housing First programme. In particular, the article discusses the users’ experiences with the model’s emphasis on users’ choice and self-determination.

Continuing education for kindergarten teachers and management training

18. October 2018

This report examines the experiences of kindergarten teachers and heads who have participated in continuing education and management training in 2017/2018. The findings showed that the participants – teachers and heads – considered the courses to be good, relevant and interesting, regardless of the field of study or learning institution.

Human trafficking for labour exploitation

17. October 2018

In this research project, Fafo will contribute to the increased knowledge about the prevalence of and efforts against human trafficking for labour exploitation. This knowledge will enable municipalities to develop and implement more effective instruments within municipal service areas, in order to prevent human trafficking and to provide assistance and protection to possible victims.

The bargaining system for teachers

15. October 2018

The project will provide a description of the historical background of the bargaining system where the teachers were having the state as a counterparty in wage negotiations, and explain why the employer’s representation was transferred from the state to the municipalities in 2004. The study will also look into the conditions for wage negotiations in the municipalities after 2004.

How does new technology in reatil affect employment?

11. October 2018

New technology in retail will affect the employees' tasks and need for training. Fafo will, in collaboration with Economics Norway, find out what kind of competence that are needed. The project is commisioned by the Norwegian Welfare Administration.

How to follow up of vulnerable children, young people and their families

10. October 2018

The aim of the 0-24 collaboration is to provide more coherent services and to strengthen the cross sectoral collaboration in the follow up of vulnerable children, young people and their families. Fafo is going to provide a platform of knowledge for the work in order to inform and to support the municipalities' work in this field.

Stable trade union denisity in Norway

09. October 2018

Kristine Nergaard has updated the numbers on trade union density, the share of employers joining an organisations, collective agreement coverage and working days lost in strikes in Norwegian working life.

New article: Use of flexible and temporary employment in Norway and Sweden

08. October 2018

Norway has a stricter regulation of temporary employment than Sweden. In an article in the Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies three Fafo researchers and Anna Peixoto (University of Gothenburg) look at how these differing regulations influence employers' use of temporary employment in and between five different business sectors.

Fafo contribution in international welfare guide

03. October 2018

Forty-five contributions from renowned international specialists provide readers of “Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State” with expert analysis of the core issues related to the welfare state. Together with professor Grete Brochmann Fafo researcher Jon Erik Dølvik has written the chapter about Europe’s welfare models’ challenges stemming from global migration.

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