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Additional leave as the determinant of retirement timing

07. January 2015

Faced with a rapidly aging labor force, increasing the labor supply of older workers has become an important goal for European countries. Offering additional leave to older workers with the option of withdrawing a contractual pension (contractual early retirement pension AFP) has become a widespread retention measure in Norwegian companies. The aim of this article by Fafo-researcher Åsmund Hermansen is to examine whether offering additional leave impacts the relative risk of withdrawal of a contractual pension. The article is published in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies.

Family language policy in multilingual transcultural families

05. January 2015

The main goal of this project is to generate beyond state of the art knowledge on one of the central dimensions of intensified mobility family language policy in multilingual transcultural families, with a focus on language practices and language ideologies. The project is a cooperation between among others Fafo research director Jon Rogstad and the University of  Oslo. * Read more about the project

Tone Fløtten new Director at Fafo

05. January 2015

Since the turn of the year Tone Fløtten is the new director at Fafo. Tone has worked at Fafo since 1990 and during this period she has also been Deputy Director. 

New article: Motherhood, agency and sacrifice in narratives on female migration for care work

05. January 2015

In many communities of origin for female migrants there is widespread criticism in the media and popular discourse of mothers who leave behind children and enjoy the good life abroad, with claims that female migration happens at the cost of family and children. Due to the stigma produced by this discourse, female migrants who are also mothers often prefer to speak of their decision to migrate as an act of sacrifice. Showing the use of and the relationship between different narratives of female migration in Western Ukraine, Tyldum challenges some of the assumptions of the care drain perspective. The article is published in Sociology, December 2014. * Abstract

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