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Book-chapter about children with their lives on hold

18. June 2015

Fafo researcher Nerina Weiss has written about children whose asylum application has been rejected. These children narrate of an everyday life seemingly similar to that of Norwegian children. Their lives are, however, set on hold. The chapter is published in a new book by Gyldendal about irregular immigrants in Norway

New report:When poverty meet affluence

16. June 2015

This Fafo-report about Roma beggars in the Scandinavian capitals refute some of the harshest stereotypes about this group. They are definitely poor, they are not organised by traffickers, the money is sorely needed and spent on necessities, and criminal activities are not closely associated with begging. The report is funded by the Danish Rockwool Foundation.

New report on user committees in the welfare administration (NAV)

16. June 2015

Users of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) have a legal right to influence the services through user committees. Fafo researchers Anne Inga Hilsen and Sol Skinnarland has studied such committees. The aim has been to identify what constitutes good practice and suggest improvements to improve their effectiveness and thus ensure that the users, and user organisations, can have real impact on NAV services.

Sick-leave rates in nursing homes

15. June 2015

In this report Lise Lien and Hanne Bogen have examined why some nursing homes, over years, manage to keep their sick leave rates relatively low. Most importantly is mapping out and analyzing the different causes behind the sick leave before introducing adequate measures. The project was financed by Nav, FARVE.

World day against child labour

12. June 2015

The Norwegian Mining Museum marks the day. Fafo-researcher Anne Hatløy will speak about child labour in today's Western-Africa. The musum also has an exihibiton of pictures taken by the American photographer Larry Price.

How to handle young adults who lack formal rights to upper secondary education

12. June 2015

The aim of this report is to understand how County Adminstrations in different part of the country handle young adults who lack formal rights to upper secondary education. There are three groups; drop outs, immigrants holding credentials not formally recognized in Norway, and people undertaking additional education.

Care responsibility and work participation

11. June 2015

This report is about care responsibility and work participation. It is part of a larger European study led by the former Health Minister of Ireland, Mary Harney. The author is Lise Lien.

Seminar about migrants from Romania in Scandinavia

10. June 2015

Who are the migrants from Romania living on the streets? And how is their life? At this seminar, on the 17th of June, Fafo-researchers will present the new report "When poverty meets affluence. Migrants from Romania on the streets of the Scandinavian capitals". The research is founded by the Rockwool-foundation.

Fafo-report about work assessment allowance (AAP)

09. June 2015

One of the key aims about work assessment allowance (AAP) is to shift more people into work and reduce the numbers of benefit dependents. However, this is easier said than done, something which is documented in a new Fafo-report authored by Anne Hege Strand and Roy A. Nielsen.

Project about the new disability benefit system

08. June 2015

The purpose of the reform is to make it easier to work while receiving disability benefits. Fafo are going to measure the change in the recipients labour market participation. Magne Bråthen (pictured) and Roy Nielsen will also evaluate the information given from the labour and welfare administration (NAV) to the recipients. The project is financed through NAV's program for research (FARVE).

New commentary on Syrian refugees and education

05. June 2015

A young Syrian girl had to stop school already in 6th grade when the violence of the Syrian civil war reached her hometown Homs. Forced to flee with her family she was able to re-start school in Jordan about a year later. Unable to follow school in the new context she dropped out again before finishing her middle school exam. Fafo-researcher Mona Christophersen asks what options she has as a Syrian refugee to develop a decent future.

Fafo-breakfast about user committees in the welfare administration (NAV)

04. June 2015

Users of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) have a legal right to influence the services through user committees. Evaluations have shown that such committees in many cases are either not established at all, or not functioning well. Fafo-researchers Anne Inga Hilsen and Sol Skinnarland have studied the committees to identify what constitutes good practice, and suggest improvements. This is the the theme for this seminar (in Norwegian).
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