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Do whistle-blowers need a better protection?

16. March 2015

Even though "everyone" emphasizes the whistleblower's importance, it can be risky to notify. It is particularly risky if the boss is responsible for the wrongdoing. This is the subject of a commentary (in Norwegian only) by Sissel C. Trygstad (pictured) and Anne Mette Ødegård at NRK Ytring, 14 March.

Fafo seminar 26 March on working time in residential child welfare units

13. March 2015

Working time arrangements where employees live together with children and youth in residential child welfare units, are becoming more common. Employees, the management and youths are all satisfied with these arrangements, yet how they should be to regulated, is debated. This is the subject of a new report by Fafo's Dag Olberg (pictured) and Karen-Sofie Pettersen (WRI). The report will be presented at the seminar (in Norwegian only)

New report on work environment in Norwegian hospitals

12. March 2015

Norwegian hospitals have gone through a major restructuring in recent years and the labor intensity seems to increase. A new report shows that managers, safety representatives and union officials  have different opinions of the cooperation during these processes. Sissel C. Trygstad and Rolf K. Andersen have written the report (in Norwegian only).

Sissel C. Trygstad new Head of Research at Fafo

10. March 2015

Sissel C. Trygstad is appointed new head of research at Fafo, with special responsibility for Fafo’s labour relations and labour market research. Trygstad has been a researcher at Fafo since 2004 and for the past seven years she has been research director. Trygstad holds a Dr. Polit. degree from NTNU, Department of Sociology and Political Science in Trondheim. Her main interests of research are workplace democracy, cooperation and participation, and whistleblowing. Her resent publications include  (together with Marit Skivenes) «Explaining whistle blowing processes in the Norwegian Labour Market – power and institutional factors» in Industrial Democracy in Europe, and  «Freedom of Speech in work life» .

Violations of working time regulations

05. March 2015

The Working Time Committee (Arbeidstidsutvalget) was appointed by the Norwegian government in August 2014. Part of its mandate is to identify violations of working time regulations. Fafo is engaged by The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to contribute to this mapping. Key questions are what regulations are violated, the share of companies breaching the regulations  and if there are variations between industries, geographical areas and companies of different sizes. Kristin Alsos is the project manager.

Budget allocation in Trondheim

04. March 2015

Trondheim municipality is divided into four urban districts, each of which is responsible for delivering municipal public services. To account for varying need and/or use of such services, certain criteria  attributable to differences in population characteristics are used to allocate funds to the urban districts. This report (in Norwegian only), written by Roy A. Nielsen and Magne Bråthen, provides an assessment of the criteria sets used for allocating funds to the child and family services and the social services.

Atypical employment in the aviation industry

03. March 2015

The liberalisation of European aviation market has given rise to numerous trends in contemporary employment relations vis-à-vis pilots and cabin crew. The tough competition also raises questions about aviation safety. More than 6,000 pilots in Europe have been asked  about their terms of employment in a recently published study from the University in Ghent. Fafo-researcher Anne Mette Ødegård has contributed with back-ground material from Norway. * Download the report: Atypical employment in Aviation

Seminar on oil decrease and wage formation

03. March 2015

Lower oil prices and investments on the shelf together with weak growth in the European markets lead to harder times for the Norwegian economy and labour market. What does this mean for our pay? Center for Wage Formation invites to a seminar about the interaction between wage formation and fiscal and monetary policy, March 10. Ragnar Nymoen (pictured) is the chairman.

Work capacity in Sunday-open shops

26. February 2015

What are the effects from Sunday-open shops on the labour market? Bård Jordfald (pictured) has written a new paper together with Magnus Mühlbradt. Sunday-open shops will have impacts on the 367,000 working people working in the trade, but also hairdressers, bakers and watchmen will be affected. (The paper is in Norwegian only)

Book launch 4 March: Norwegian working life in tubulent times

25. February 2015

Globalization, restructuring and competition are key words often used to describe the development of the Norwegian labour market since the 1990s. A central question is whether the financial crisis and labour immigration have weakened the collective institutions in Norway. The book, edited by Harald Dale-Olsen, has contributions from the Fafo-researchers Jon Erik Dølvik, Tove Midtsundstad and Kristine Nergaard. It is written in Norwegian and published by Gyldendal.

Trade unions in the 21st century

24. February 2015

The labor movement has been a focus of power in the majority of western lands for a century. In Scandinavia, unions and social democratic parties put their stamp to a large extent on developments. Today’s welfare state can be seen as the result of the conquest by labor unions of important bases of power after the war. This is the subject of an article by Kristine Nergaard, published in Samtiden 1-2015.

Fafo seminar on Sunday-open shops

19. February 2015

The Norwegian government wants to change the law of holiday peace and quiet. But what are the effects from Sunday-open shops on the labour market? At this seminar Bård Jordfald presents a new paper about work capacity in Sunday-open shops.

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