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Sales assistants in the making: Learning through responsibility

22. January 2015

This new article investigates how learning and processes of becoming are shaped and enacted in retail apprenticeship in Norway. The analysis draws upon a qualitative study of managers and apprentices in different retail sub-sectors. Kaja Reegård has written the article and it is published in Vocations and Learning.

Union of Education Norway

21. January 2015

In a new project commisioned by the Union of Education Norway, Fafo will look at the conditions for participation in the organization in the years to come. The background is partly its members involvement in working time issues and the increased use of social media in the public debate. Kristin Jesnes (pictured), Kristine Nergaard, Johan Steen Røed and Sissel Trygstad are researchers on the project.

New report on social housing in Norway

19. January 2015

This report is an evaluation of The Norwegian State Housing Bank's regional social housing development programs started in 2009. The report shows that long-term and focused work, anchored at a high level, are important factors for success. The evaluation is carried out by the Fafo researchers Arne Backer Grønningsæter, Vidar Bakkeli and Anne Hege Strand, together with  Lars-Erik Becken and Synne Klingenberg at Proba Research. (In Norwegian only)

Apprentices instead of cheap foreign labour

19. January 2015

The Norwegian government wants to use a demand for apprentices against workplace crime, particularly in the construction industry, according to Forskning.no. Fafo-researcher Anna Hagen Tønder has been the leader of a project that has investigated the use of apprenticeship clauses to strengthen vocational education. She welcomes the government's proposal as a good support for the businesses that go after professional expertise. * Interview with Tønder at Forskning.no (in Norwegian)

New report on private providers of welfare services

18. January 2015

In recent decades, Norwegian municipalities increasingly buy welfare services from private providers.The first part of this new report, written by Arne Backer Grønningsæter, focuses on the purchase of child welfare services. The second part, written by Hanne Bogen, illustrates how the municipalities assure the quality when they buy welfare services. The report is in Norwegian.

Increasing self-censorship in Norwegian media?

15. January 2015

Fear of reprisals from religious groups is nothing new. The question is not whether self-censorship in the media will increase as a result of the terror in Paris, but how much and with what cost. Fafo researcher Jon Rogstad has written a commentary about this in Aftenposten (in Norwegian only).

Did the "A" fall out of NAV?

14. January 2015

Young people don't need a diagnosis and welfare. They need work, according to Fafo researcher Anne Hege Strand, in an commentary at NRK Ytring. And further: The A in NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) stands for work (arbeid). NAV and the politicians who administer this welfare system should not let this out of their mind. The commentary is in Norwegian only.

Fafo's Forum on the EU enlargement - Seminar

14. January 2015

So far, only a few sectors are covered by generally binding collective agreements. Should all workers in Norway be ensured a minimum wage level - and if so how? This question has become increasingly relevant due to the substantial labour immigration. At this seminar held on 27 January we have invited the social partners to discuss challenges and possible solutions for the future.

New Fafo paper on absence due to illness in the governmental sector

13. January 2015

Anne Inga Hilsen presented a new Fafo paper on absence due to illness in the governmental sector at a conference on labour market integration. Hilsen has written the paper together with Hanne Bogen and Lise Lien. Absence due to illness remains stable, even after many years with efforts to reduce it. Why is it so? And what can be done to reduce absenteeism? The paper points to possible answers and initiatives. * Download the paper (in Norwegian only)

Seminar on contract workers 12 February

12. January 2015

At this seminar Fafo, NTNU and Safetec Nordic will present a new report on HSE for contract workers in shipbuilding and petroleum industries. The speakers are representatives from the industries, the social partners and The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The seminar takes place in Stavanger.

Recruitment of young people in the municipal sector

08. January 2015

How does the municipal sector attract and recruit young people? This is the main question in a new project commisioned by KS. Leif Moland is project manager and he will carry out the project together with Vidar Bakkeli and Erika Braanen Sterri. The researchers will also try to find what characterizes the young labour force of today.

Additional leave as the determinant of retirement timing

07. January 2015

Faced with a rapidly aging labor force, increasing the labor supply of older workers has become an important goal for European countries. Offering additional leave to older workers with the option of withdrawing a contractual pension (contractual early retirement pension AFP) has become a widespread retention measure in Norwegian companies. The aim of this article by Fafo-researcher Åsmund Hermansen is to examine whether offering additional leave impacts the relative risk of withdrawal of a contractual pension. The article is published in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies.

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