Project news

Project news

About the industry and an analysis of its economic importance. Analysis of the fur industry and its importance as a value creator, exporter and employer.

10. April 2018

The project will evaluate new and reinforced youth effort, which was introduced in NAV in 2017. The aim is to explore how the NAV offices implement the new effort and to what extent reinforced youth effort results in higher employment and activity rates among persons under 30 of age. Anne Hege Strand (pictured) will do the work together with Roy A. Nilsen, Jon Helgheim Holte and Arne Backer Grønningsæter.

22. March 2018

Kaja Reegård has been granted a Young Research Talent project from the Research Council of Norway. The project, The comeback kids addresses young people who return to upper secondary education after temporary withdrawal. Lars Kirkebøen and Marte Rønning at Statistics Norway will conduct analysis of administrative registry data, while Kaja, Jon Rogstad and Marianne Takvam Kindt will interview dropouts who have returned.

The purpose of the project is two-fold: 1. To map and describe cooperation between Nav and IA companies aimed at including people with disabilities. 2. Describe good collaboration models that can be spread as a wizard for employees in Nav, employers and other collaborators.

The purpose of the project is to provide knowledge about the prevention and management of sexual harassment and harassment based on gender in the hotel and restaurant industry in Scandinavia.

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