Previous events
The following list shows all of Fafo's past events, including those held in and described in Norwegian.

Turkey, the Kurds and the Politics of Inclusion

Fafo-breakfast seminar with Selahattin Demirtas and others
  • Thursday 14. april 2016, kl. 08:30-09:45
  • Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo
  • Today, the Kurdish nationalist struggle is often portrayed as somehow synonymous with the armed struggle of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). In reality, the pro-Kurdish movement is far more diverse, and the legal political and cultural movements have played an important role in the peace process between the Turkish state and the PKK, not least during the last two national elections during which the pro-Kurdish party – the HDP - entered parliament. In this seminar we investigated the implications of these developments.

Kan flere barn redde Kinas pensjonister?


Rengjører eller direktør – felles likestillingskamp?

8. mars på Fafo

Lønnsdannelse og ledighet i Norge og Sverige

Seminar i regi av Senter for lønnsdannelse

Kinas utfordringer i apens år

  • Onsdag 10. februar 2016, kl. 08:30–09:45
  • Fafo, Borggata 2B, Oslo

Har barn det bra i store barnehager?

Fafo-frokost med rapportlansering

Fagbrevets betydning i barne- og ungdomsarbeid

Fafo-frokost med rapportlansering

Revolution, dialogue and transition: What the world can learn from Tunisia

  • Tirsdag 8. desember 2015, kl 09:00-15:30
  • Håndverkeren, Rosenkrantzgate 7, Oslo

    This one day conference about the Tunisian democratization process is organized in honor of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

    Speakers are polticians, academics, researchers and representatives from labour organizations. Kristian Takvam Kindt participates from Fafo.

    Fafo is together with the University of Oslo and International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) organizer of the conference.

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